Deep Voice Training Tips Exercises to Naturally Deepen Your Talking Voice and Make it Sexy

Published: 06th September 2010
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There are a lot of men who are looking for ways on how to deepen their voices. Some of them probably do this because they need a deep voice for their job. One example would be those men working as radio announcers or television newscasters. Have you ever heard a male announcer or newscaster with a high-pitched voice? Probably not -- because most of them either have naturally deep voices or they try to project one. If not they would sound rather funny.

Others want to have a deeper voice because they believe that it is what they need to attract women. If you are one of those men who want to have a deeper and sexier voice either for work or for attracting women, here are some deep voice training tips for you.

Find the lowest voice you will be comfortable with. Do this by first saying a word or by humming using your regular voice. Then repeat the step this time with a lower tone. Then do it again using another note lower. Do this until you have found that note that sounds most natural and without strain.

Exercise your neck muscles. Does that sound funny? Do not laugh because having strong neck muscles can help improve voice quality. Its effect on your voice is not direct, but it helps a lot in relieving tension in your vocal chords.

Improve your posture. Many think that by lowering your chin close to your chest you make your voice deeper. Yes, you might hear your voice going lower but that does not mean that it has really gone lower. Your voice would sound lower only because of the tension on your vocal chords. That voice would not sound natural and that is not in any way sexy.

If you do that, you defeat the purpose why you are looking for these deep voice training tips. Instead of stressing your vocal chords, find that position where your voice would sound best by humming a note while your chin is close to your chest then raising it up until you are looking up the ceiling. That position is somewhere in between.

These three exercises are just some of the deep voice training tips you can do to improve your voice for your work or to attract the woman you like.

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